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snail_mail_pals's Journal

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This community has NO age limits. Pretty much this community was made out of the love of writing snail mail. I only ask that if you are going to post about finding some pen pals then please continue writing to them, should something happen and you will no longer be able to write anymore. Please post then and let that person know about you no longer being around. There are a few requests I ask of everyone who posts;

1.Tag your post by what state you live in or by what country you are in. Makes it easier on people who are looking to write to people in a certain place.

2.Don't post your home address or phone number in a comment. Please email that person to let them know where you live. It makes for a safe community.

3.(Final request) Don't spam the community w/ things that don't have anything to do w/ snail mail. This isn't a junk mail site.

As always have fun!!!!

Go ahead and just copy and past the box below in the post.

Also add my other snail mail site for the slightly different people.